aerial photography/videography

In todays fast paced dynamic lifestyle, promoting your business, real estate properties and even creating an art of your events can be challenging since clients are expecting to see higher quality commercial videos. Take an advantage of the new technologies and get the extra edge by adding an aerial footage to your promo videos. We can provide you with creative, effective and astonishing aerial photography/videography footage in timely and professional manner. 

To create the aerial footage, we use remotely controlled drones whit a camera onboard and also our pilot personally flies on a paramotor to get the images that are not otherwise possible by the remote controlled drone. This opens more possibilities and the chances that the required task will be completed are much improved. 

In addition to having the skills to fly and operate the paramotor and the remotely controlled drones, our pilot is also a professional photographer and can use the flying equipment to its full potential to create great final results. We are based in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.