paramotor aerial publicity

Aerial sports are definitelly an eye catcher. The mans oldest dream is flying high in the sky, in this case the Paramotoring is considered as an extreme sport and always gets a lot of attention from the casual viewers. The paramotor consist of a paraglider wing and a motor strapped to the back of the pilot. Paramotor flies at very low speeds and can fly as high as 6000m high or as low as only few centimeters from the ground. The pilot can take off and land from places that almost no other aircraft can.  

This flying characteristics open the possibility of using the paramotoring sport as an advertising medium with high visual impact. The paragliding wing itself is used as a flying banner.

 The paramotor aerial publicity has an excellent cost to high visibility impact ratio. When using a paramotor for your advertising, your message will be seen by many people, especially when flying over crowded public beaches in a high tourist season. 
  • Why use paramotor advertising?  

The uniqueness of using a paramotor allows your business name to stand out above your competitors, who may be using just the standard forms of advertising. The paramotor pilot can fly only a few meters above the ground and people will be surprised and looking up into the wing where your brand or logo is located. Plus the paramotor flies with slow speed, which allows for a longer viewing time. The paraglider wing has an area of 30m2. Your logo is applied to the bottom of the wing where it is easily viewed while flying overhead. The expenses are low thus your investment will be much less than any other aerial form of advertisement. 


We offer two forms of advertising 

1.-Paramotor flights, with your logo applied to the bottom of our wings(lower image). We agree to fly specified number of flight hours, locations and dates. Because the logo will be bonded permanently this option is for longer term advertising campaigns.

2.- Flying banners attached to the Paramotor(the upper image). This method works well for larger scale images that are needed only for a short period e.i. events, announcements etc.

Again,the Paramotor is an exceptional tool for this type of advertising because of it's size, flying speed, accesibilty, and safety record, not to mention the attention it gets when in the air. We are confident that this will be a well made investment for your business advertisement.Please contact us and we will create a package that will work best for your needs and budget.