Feel the sensation of flying like a bird

Paramotor Instructional tandem flights

Paramotor tandem flights are the most fun way to enjoy the amazing aerial scenery of Puerto Vallarta, San Pancho and Sayulita, Mexico.

If you always wanted to experience the bird eye views, the hard work of the flying pioneers and the advance in the technology made that dream possible! The sport of paramotor will make you soar like an eagle as easy as 1,2,3 hop in the air! 

You will be a paramotor student for a day, our tandem pilot will take you up in the air as a passenger and he will give you a first hand instructions on how this amazing aircraft flies and operates while you are seated comfortably in your seat, feet tangling high above the Sierra Madre jungle and enjoying the amazing aerial views!

The equipment consist of a paraglider wing and a paramotor. You will be strapped in a safety harness in front of the tandem pilot, who will operate the aircraft. 

We are the first to provide this type of adventures in Puerto Vallarta! Do not wait anymore, let`s go flying!!!