Come and learn to fly with perfect conditions and enjoy the amazing views here in Mexico!

Hola everyone,

I am located in Puerto Vallarta, a beautiful tourist town on the west coast of Mexico. We are blessed to have a 365 flyable days each year.

 Super smooth flying conditions, with amazing views is what makes this place a beginner friendly, flying paradise.

-The training will take place on the beach in Nuevo Vallarta and the surroundings. It is normally for few hours a day for 10 days training, but I recommend to plan extra 2 days when possible, so we are not tight on the schedule and have an extra day or two if the weather changes.
The investment for the training is $1500 USD and it includes 10 days of training, where we will go over quick theory on how the paramotor/paraglider works, little bit of weather assessment, conditions and flyability, maintenance of the gear, recommendations and advices on what gear to purchase. Than about 5/6 days of kitting practice(this depends solely on each student ability to learn) and 3 days of training and flying with a paramotor.

-The equipment will be provided, I personally fly and use the Power2Fly gear ( you can see some of it               ), but you are more than welcome to bring your own gear(if already own) so you can get to know your equipment better and get used to it.

​-The training groups are not going the be bigger than 3 students at the time, so I can give more personal attention to each student.

-Puerto Vallarta is a popular destination spot and we have plenty of options for the lodging. The travel/lodging fees I left that open to discussion, as some of you may prefer to find own arrangement having in mind that you might want to bring your family or a friend along for the stay, but I know this place very well and I can easily suggest few options depending on the budget you would like to spend or just add the lodging to the whole package. If you do not mind to share with the other students it can be as low as $300 US for 10 days stay.

-After the completion of the training I will give you a certificate stating that you have completed a paramotor training. It is not an official license as we have no jurisdiction in the PPG licensing for US or Canada.. If you need a PPG license and only after a successful completion of the training, my partner in the USA who is a certified USPPA instructor will issue a PPG1 and PPG2 ratings upon my recommendation. The fee for the PPG ratings is $100US.
-This is a quick and general info, but please feel free to send me a number where I can reach you, I will be happy to call and give you more details and info or you can reach me at 011 52 1 322 183 7772. Thank you, I am looking forward to welcome you here, train hard first and then have some amazing flights in this paradise.


Bellow are couple of aerial videos, one that I have filmed flying over Puerto Vallarta on a day of the Sun eclipse last year, where one can get a little bit better idea of this amazing place and also a flying video with one of my students. I hope you like what you see and come and join us here for some flying. Cheers!